Can the Tesla Model 3 Impress A Pro Racing Driver On The Track?

We can’t imagine there are many Model 3 owners out there who routinely take their vehicles to the racetrack. However, those that have done so know that the electric sedan can be quite capable when pushed to the limit.

One Model 3 owner recently brought along his car to a Tesla Corsa event in the United States. Tesla Corsa is promoted as the world’s first Tesla exclusive track experience for owners and allows participants to push their cars to the limit without the threat of hefty speeding fines on the street.

Racing driver Randy Pobst also happened to be the event and put a YouTuber’s Model 3 through its paces. Thanks to a set of performance springs from Unplugged Performance, this Model 3 has a slight handling edge over the stock item and impressed Pobst with its performance.

A track weapon in disguise

One of the particularly useful features of the Model 3 which helps it perform well on track is the regenerative braking. Not only does this mean the driver doesn’t have to use the normal brakes as often, it also means the car can be controllably slowed down in the middle of a corner all while topping up the battery.

Those looking to buy a Model 3 which offers impressive on-track grunt better opt for the Performance. This variant pumps out the equivalent of 450 hp and 471 lb-ft (638 Nm) of torque thanks to its dual electric motors and one could say that it’s an all-electric rival to the iconic BMW M3. However, keep in mind that while its output figures easily trump the M3’s, the Model 3 is about 400 lbs (181 kg) heavier than BMW’s sports sedan, with everything that entails.

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