TeslaCorsa 24 at Salzburgring returned for a second consecutive year to mark another successful European event

After last year’s premier event, TeslaCorsa returned to Europe yet again. Taking place yet again on the interesting Salzburgring track in Salzburg, Austria, TeslaCorsa 24 saw drivers from all over Europe attending to experience the special Tesla exclusive track day event. Attendees from Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and local Tesla owners from Austria made the trip, and the fun filled day of racing a Tesla on the track ensued.

We saw several track-prepped Teslas, featuring impressive aftermarket upgrades that make these cars even more potent track machines. From big brake kits, coilovers and other suspension mods, track tires and other, racetrack oriented mods helped the drivers get some impressive & fast lap times.

The event had challenging weather starting with rain and thankfully the sun came out to allow for a few dry laps as the day progressed. The atmosphere was relaxing and friendly with the local Salzburgring sheep enjoying the silent racing of Teslas. A group of owners from Sweden led by Hamphi drove multiple days to reach the event and when the event concluded they headed back home to Sweden. Several figures from the aftermarket industry, like Unplugged Performance president Ben Schaffer were also in attendance, promoting Tesla racing and providing guidance and assistance to both the drivers and fans alike.

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