TeslaCorsa 5 was held in the scorching heat of summer in California’s central valley. As temperatures touched 110 degrees in the middle of the day, most of the internal combustion engine (aka ICE) vehicles packed up and went home early.

While heat has historically been the bane of race cars, the Model 3’s seemed nearly impervious to the sweltering temperatures, with consistent lap times throughout the day and drivers able to get multiple full power hot laps each session. Most drivers in attendance managed personal bests on the day.

The TC5 crew ran all day long at Buttonwillow Raceway Park and put down some scorching hot times.  Craig and Danny both dropped under 2:00 in their Model 3’s (Buttonwillow CW13 configuration) on street tires which are blazing fast for any car, but especially impressive for a normal daily-driving commuter vehicle.

We put the superchargers to the test in the heat and they struggled to keep up with the extreme ambient temperatures, putting out a lot less power than we were used to at previous events.  None-the-less, the schedule was designed to accommodate maximum charging times between sessions and drivers were mostly unaffected.

After TC5 we’re pretty convinced that Tesla may have developed the best hot-weather track car ever!

We had a great time in spite of some bad luck Friday night with a flat tire, we were able to make it to the track in time for TeslaCorsa and get the tire replaced. Once the cars hit the track, the fun of carving corners helped us quickly get over the previous night’s delays.

Thank you again to everyone who came out and our sincerest thanks for your supporting TeslaCorsa.

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